chicago snowmageddon

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note | will be posting periodic updates with photos whenever i can. check at the end of post

chicago is expecting what national weather service say could be "dangerous, multifaceted and potentially life-threathening" blast of wind and storm.  and i'm gonna be in the middle of it.. (well not literally, but you know what i mean)

according to a meteorologist at national weather service, the last storm of this potential magnitude to hit chicago was in 1999. the city record for the worst snowstorm was in 1967 with 23 inches of snow.  

a blizzard warning will be in effect from 3pm today until 3pm tomorrow.  we are expecting anywhere from 16 to 24 inches of snow which could set a new city record.

in the past years, there has been forecasts to brace ourselves for the "worst storm ever" often anticlimaxed with minor snow fall for the next few hours. however, it seems that the level of confidence of the forecast is pretty high according to tom skilling, a wgn meteorologist.

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with warnings of whiteout conditions, the weather service urged people not to travel once the blizzard hits. according to wikipedia, whiteout is a weather condition in which visibility and contrast are severely reduced by snow. the horizon disappears completely and thereare no reference points at all, leaving individual without any orientation.

hibernation day could possibly be in store for tomorrow. i hope i have everything i need in my apartment: books, food stocked up and a warm and fuzzy blanket/comforter to keep me extra warm.. those in chicago, keep warm and keep safe!

tldr | blizzard and tons of snow happening in chicago today and tomorrow. stay home!

 as chicago redeye puts it (very smart with the cover, redeye), 

 this is going to be interesting.

*updates |

tuesday, 3pm | i left work a lil early today to try to get back to my apartment while the weather was still mild. the wind was blowing so hard that as i was pushed by the wind as i was walking. it's snowing pretty hard now and everyone is scrambling to get home early.

tuesday, 11pm | just received an email that work is cancelled tomorrow. yay! never had a day off due to snow before. snowing pretty hard with winds threatening to blow ppl off their feet outside. good thing no one is walking/driving outside cos it would be terrible! except i saw a cta bus driving on the empty street outside. this might be the real deal blizzard, people!

wednesday, 10am | more snow this morning.. it actually kinda looks nice from inside. :) the photos don't really do justice to how much it's snowing and how hard the wind is blowing.

wednesday, 2pm | it's stopped snowing for quite a bit now. it actually doesn't look too bad outside. to be honest i expected a lot worse than this. like walking between walls of snow but it was a lot milder than i imagined it to be. lol.