restaurant week 2011

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the time of the year i absolutely love dining in the US: restaurant week


for one, it gives me a chance to get to know the restaurants that i might have missed with new ones opening almost every month. but the main thing is i get to enjoy the three course lunch/dinner (usually appetizer, entree and dessert) at a more affordable price at some of the finest restaurants in the city. the lunch menu is typically about $20 to $25 and the dinner ranges from $30 to $40.

i remember when i first participated in chicago restaurant week last year when i planned to make reservations for three restaurants but ended up with only two since one of them didn't actually offer the menu on the day i made reservations for.

02 | province for dinner | tried&tasted

so, one important thing that i learned  is to always confirm with the restaurant if they offer the restaurant week menu on the date that you make your reservations for. often times, most restaurants only offer the special prix fixe lunch on weekdays, so if you are planning to go for lunch on the weekend, definitely call in to check with the restaurant.

ever since then, i've been waiting eagerly for my next restaurant week experience and i will actually kick it off not in chicago but in san francisco this coming weekend! :) san francisco is organizing their restaurant week called dine about town which started on january 15th up till the end of the month.

the two course lunch is priced at $17.95 and the three course dinner is priced at $34.95

however, since i am heading there on saturday morning and leaving on sunday afternoon AND we already had other food plans, ryan and i decided to only go for one restaurant week dinner:

01 | chouchou restaurant | french | menu

then it would be ryan's turn to visit me in chicago for the restaurant week at the end of february. chicago restaurant week: eat it up, chicago kicks off on february 18th to the 27th and i've been trying to decide where to go since the beginning of january. lol. the three course lunch menu is at $22 and dinner is at $33. some restaurants also offer a special dinner menu for $44.

with the additions of more and more restaurants almost every week since i first looked at the website, it's been quite a task to choose from the extensive list of restaurants, however, i've already made reservations for two restaurants.

01 | cafe des architectes | french | dinner menu
02 | keefer's restaurant | steak house | lunch menu

we're looking into reserving another restaurant and here are some that we've narrowed down:

blackbird | american |
boka | american | menu
mercat a la planxa | spanish | menu 
seasons | american | menu

eek! i can't wait! :) i better start figuring out soon before it's all fully booked. :/

while i am on the roll with restaurant week, i've searched for some of the major cities restaurant week dates as listed below:

new york city | love nyc restaurant week
dates: jan 24 - feb 6
lunch menu: $24.07
dinner menu: $35

los angeles | dineLA restaurant week
dates | jan 23 - 28, jan 30 - feb 4
lunch menu | $16, $22 or $28
dinner menu | $26, $34 or $44

dates | jan 16-21 & 23-28
lunch menu | $20
dinner menu | $35

dates | march 1-31
lunch menu | $15
dinner menu | $30

dates | jan 17-23
lunch menu | $20.11
dinner menu | $35.11

for a compiled list of other cities, you can find it here to see if restaurant week is happening in your town. foodies rejoice!  cos it's gonna be glorious! :)