a new year, new resolutions

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it is customary for the first day of the year.

may the next 365 days be fulfilled with more good things, yummylicious tummy fillers and happiness wrapped in a huge bow :)

now that that's out of the way....

2o13 has been an interesting and challenging year for me - a small leap for my personal growth.

a quicklook back of the past 365 days of the year 2o13 and of the memorable highlights i have accomplished that makes me beam with a sense of pride and satisfaction.

o1 | fulfilled some of my last year's new year resolutions, some semi-fulfilled and others are a work in progress. 

o2 | the top winner for malaysian openrice.com's contest - 'best of the best 2013' to emerge as the best food writer :) for my entry about cafe komugi

o3 | shortlisted as one of the nine nominees for 2o13 buzzkorea award's event under the blog of the year category :) for my entry on korean street food = love

o4 | my first all-nighter ever (i was up for close to 30 hours and i've never had to pull an all-nighter for college) for work which happens to be bid submission for my first ever project.

o5 | my first time to indonesia for business travel and jakarta was my introduction.

o6 | discovered a hidden secret gem in kuala lumpur.

o7 | my first kitchen supper table club experience :)

and etc. 

as we step into the new year of 2o14,

i have to admit calvin's sentiments don't quite reflect mine..  hence the new year brings new resolutions.  

o1. at least two new restaurants explored every month which will hopefully lead to delicious sessions as materials for blog entries.

o2. try out one new recipe per month - practice makes perfect

o3. travel to a new destination at least once per year.

o4. patience is a virtue and that is a work in progress for me.

o5. new friends, new experiences :)

o6. learning some new languages - korean, german or french.

o7. have a more positive demeanor and cheerful outlook.

o8. be decisive in many aspects of my life.

o9. work towards my future goals - it's not explicitly described for a reason

1o. drink at least half a gallon of water a day and sleep more than 5 hours every night.

11. learn the art of networking.

12. reaching & maintaining my happy, ideal weight :)

the year 2o14 holds a lot of uncertainty but at the same time excitement to be explored and to look forward to.  :) wish me luck ;)

love you guys and have a great year ahead! :D