semi-eventful flight.

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phew, finally i am back in malaysia.. well more like two days ago - after the long and eventful 28 hour flight. 
i am mostly tired and jet lagged but glad to be back home. lol.

my flight from ord to san francisco was drama-less. the only drama i had on that flight was the movie feature,  "up in the air".

my trip from san francisco involved me switching seats so that mom and daughter could sit together, me sitting next to a couple with a nine month old baby (oh dear, what did i get myself into?) and next to a person wearing earphones with blinking blue LED light in the dark which was awfully annoying. suprisingly, the more annoying of the two was the dude wearing the earphones that had a blue LED light blinking every five seconds in the dark which interrupted my already restless slumber.  maybe he was signalling to some aliens from outer space or something....

on the other hand,  the baby was very adorable and only showed his tantrum during take offs and landings. i think the kid likes me (so odd.. lol) cos he kept smiling and playing with me :)

anywho, on top of that, we had to make an hour unplanned stop in taipei which in an hour away from our destination at hong kong. the stop was due to not having enough fuel to get to hong kong which was very weird, hence forcing them to make a technical stop in taipei. i was getting extremely antsy as i was waiting in the plane for that one hour namely because i didn't have much time to get to my connecting flight. argh! when we finally got to hong kong at 8:30 am (and my connecting flight was scheduled to leave at 8:55am), i was panicking to get off the plane. and to make matters worse, the gate for my flight was at the other end of the airport. but thank goodness for employees at the gate so they were gonna make sure we would get on the plane before it takes off. i was very relieved to get on the plane and more so that it was only a 5 hour of flight which was the last stretch before i get back to malaysia. i have to add that the plane  food on cathay pacific was pretty good. much better than MAS food.

i've been home for three days and i have to say it's been awesome. i get to eat a ton of malaysian food - my family is great at getting all the food i want to eat and the weather have been mostly kind. it's been raining almost every evening so nights have been pretty cool. i'm extremely glad my fam likes the gifts i got them but i'll cover that in the next post. the sad thing is i don't really have internet back home (except for dial up) so i have to go to starbucks for their free wifi or depend on the kindness of my sister so i could borrow her wifi. lol. i'll get more updates posted soon hopefully. :) and of course about my cooking class very soon!