doodle jump addiction.

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this is the apple i-whatever generation. be it ipods, iphone, ipad (really? apple, can't you come up with a better name for it?)

i personally love my ipod touch. just a phone function away from an iphone. to connect to the outside world, i just need a wifi connection and i'm surfing the internet or chatting with friends on aim. my typing skills on my ipod is something left to be desired though. it could take me 2 minutes to type a full short sentence out! (not really but it really does feel like that sometimes) i commute to work everyday for about an hour each way so i have two hours to kill on the shuttle, 5 times a week. conclusion: apple apps are the bomb!

i actually have a love/hate relationship with the application store/itunes store on my ipod touch. love: it's so easy to get my favorite apps and latest songs/shows on my ipod. hate: i'm unconsciously spending a lot of money on apps that i find extremely interesting. however, not everything costs money though. there are some free apps that you get that is pretty fun too! and some costs as low as 0.99 usd.

that is really how i found my current ipod app addiction: doodle jump. (that's the 99 cents app that i found!)

it's an extremely simple game. i'm too lazy to describe it so i found this on wikipedia.
in doodle jump, the aim is to guide a four-legged creature called the Doodler up an unending series of platforms without falling. Players tilt the device from side to side to move doodler in the desired direction. Players can get a short boost from various objects, such as propeller hats, rockets, springs or trampolines. there are also monsters that the doodler has to shoot or jump on to eliminate. You can aim your shot by tapping on different parts of the screen, sending a laser in the direction of your finger. There is no difinitive end to the game, but the end for each gameplay happens when you fall, jump into a monster, get sucked into a black hole, or abducted by a UFO

dude. it even has a wikipage for itself - so it must be something awesome, right?! lol the game sounds pretty bizzare, huh. it's so easy but my high score is embarassing which i am not going to disclose. the oddest thing is it's the simplest game but it's highly addictive. maybe cos i'm a competitive person - wanting to beat my own high score.

my friends laugh at me when i play the game cos when my doodler either gets hit by the monsters, or misses the platforms and fall, i kinda yelp or make a small weird noise whenever that happens. they sorta look at me questioningly and laughs. i don't even play it when ryan drives cos i think it's a driving safety hazard. and oh you can even display/submit your score on twitter or facebook.

i have so many games on my ipod touch, it's almost like an arcade in itself. i have two screenfuls of just games but off course there are other non game apps that i get too. air sharing is one of my favorites. it's an app where i can drag, drop and add documents to my ipod that i can view :)

p.s. my ipod touch is protected by a transparent film i purchased from bodyguardz. it's such an awesome find. almost looks like there isn't any protectors on my ipod which i love love love!

on other news, i'm heading back to malaysia in less than two weeks for a three week break! it's been almost four years since went home so i am so thrilled but nervous! i'm flying with cathay pacific this trip that goes from ORD - SFO - HKG - KUL. sounds like a long flight huh? well cos it is! i am so not thrilled about the length of flight (freaking 27 hours with lay overs - that's like more than a day!)

anywho, my posts on my two dining experience during restaurant week is coming up soon. so wait for it! :)

p.p.s. this site is still a work in progress. i'm still updating the essential items on the introduction section.