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we kicked off our chicago restaurant week 2010 adventure with lunch at eve...

....except not really...

so this was what happened. i made reservations for eve earlier that week and everything was set. one thing i didn't do was to check if they offered restaurant week menu on weekends.

anywho, we went to the restaurant - which looked really nice from the outside. after confirming our reservations, we were led to the bar to wait for our table.

as we were waiting, we looked at their brunch menu and they all sounded really delicious and tempting. ryan ordered a cup of joe to get his fill of caffeine for the day. the coffee had body to its flavor and it came just in the right temperature - hot but cool enough to drink. we were also told that they had bottomless mimosas for $20 on saturdays/weekends (i don't remember if it was just saturday or both saturday and sunday). mimosa is a cocktail that has 3 parts champagne and 2 parts chilled orange juice. we didn't want any because for one i don't drink much alcohol and two, ryan had to drive.

the restaurant was petite and was tastefully decorated. they had another section closed, my guess is that it is either a private dining room or only opened for dinner. the decor was modern and contemporary and felt oddly comforting. the tables were lined with faux white leather and i really liked their decor and furniture. thank goodness i dressed for the occasion - smart casual which is what i read up from opentable.com

p.s. more pictures can be found here to get a feel of the room/atmosphere.

after waiting for about 10 minutes, we were led to our table and i asked if they were serving restaurant week menu and much to our disappointment, it is only offered from tuesday till friday of restaurant week. i thought, "bummer. oh well, great chance to try out some of the yummy options from their brunch menu."

so we started off with bisque. it was their spin on maine lobster bisque with strips of green papaya, pineapple and topped with vanilla emulsion ($5 for the cup size). this was also on the restaurant week menu so it's somewhat like a consolation prize..hehe. i really like the layers of distinct flavors. the savory and creamy flavor of bisque is paired with the crunch of the green papaya and the hint of sweet/sour of the pineapple that cuts through the creaminess. i liked it a lot.

i've never had eggs benedict before so i was so excited to order my dish of benedict ($14) that comes with english muffin topped with prosciutto, chopped lobster, poached egg and finished off with a pesto hollandaise. it comes with a side of herb roasted potatoes. the dish looked very delicious when it came to the table but they could have done a better job presenting a cleaner plate cos i had hollandaise dripping on the side of the plate. (just makes me look like a sloppy eater!) even so, i really liked the taste. the saltiness of the prosciutto compliments the sweetness of the lobster and creaminess of the pesto hollandaise . it was a very rich dish and i was almost full when i was done with half the dish and i only had a few of those potatoes. i thought that one of the poached eggs was overcooked just a tad because the yolk was not as runny as i liked it to be.

ryan ordered the skillet ($12) which has shrimp, thick cuts of applewood bacon, mushrooms and some goat cheese and it's topped with eggs done your way. he chose sunny side up eggs and he said it should be done only this way for everyone! lol. i tasted the dish and thought it was excellent but it was greasy probably rendered from the fat of the bacon. and it would probably would have been better if there were some kind of textural difference like having the bacon crisped up a lil and ryan would have liked more goat cheese.

we both had happy bellies when we were done with our meal. we actually spend less than we would have if we took the prix fixe meal and we were still full which was great :) i think we'd definitely come back here again to try their other brunch options!

btw parking is such a pain just because it was mid-day on saturday and it was downtown chicago. we had to go to a public parking building and pay crazy rates ($21) to park for 2 hours which sadly is normal in chi-town.

ooo... i can't wait for province and david burke's primehouse this weekend! woot! and this time i checked before hand if they served the restaurant week menu at the times we are planning to go have our lunch/dinner. so it's all systems go :)

and oh, speaking of food, i am returning to malaysia for a 3 week break next month.. so i can get my fill of malaysian food that i've been craving for so long. i am so thrilled!

disclaimer this is written based on my personal experience and opinion. experiences and taste buds may vary for others